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FIFA 16: Predictions and Wishlist

jamesbonds posted @ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 13:54:07 -1100 in FIFA 16 with tags FIFA 16 , 257 readers
I have some predictions and a wishlist that I want to share with you guys to see what you think. These are open for discussion.
Pro Clubs might get some spotlight -If the FUT situation continues through FIFA 16, I'm pretty sure Pro Clubs might get some spotlight EA will add a Two Door Cinema Club -Every year, (except for this one) they've always added a Two Door Cinema Club. There is going to be that one song from the game that will end up on my Music Library. -Most likely it will be similar to Milky Chance. The UI will be different (Except for Game Plan) -Every 2 years, FIFA has looked different
Commentators have more stuff to talk about -This year mostly what they talked about was the World Cup which really annoyed me. Also I wish they could talk less smack about the team thats losing. Custom Kits and Badges for Pro Clubs -I would love a Custom Badge and Kit for my Pro Club. For the Custom badge, EA could make a specific team for approving the Badges and using the in the game. (This is to prevent any inappropriate Badges) So what we would do is, upload a .PNG and wait for approval. For the Kits, we could have the option the make a Kit from Nike, Adidas, Pumas, etc.
Fix the servers -I think this is one we all have in our wishlist. Now that they took down the Giant (cheap Fifa 16 coins selling), they can focus on stuff like this and fix it. Matchmaking in Drop-in matches. -Not that they don't do that, but I wish they could do it like Call of Duty, same lobby and same people. Also try doing a perfect 11v11 matches. More game modes -Seasons is fun, FUT is fun, and Pro Clubs is fun. But more game modes would be cool. (If you guys have any idea of game modes, leave it in the comments)

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